Strapline Nylon Collection

Our nylon collection

Key facts

We are proud to say that we offer one of the highest quality straps on the market. At the same time, we offer unbeaten value for money and set ourselves clearly apart from the competitors.

So you never have to worry, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our nylon straps.
No matter if a buckle breaks, the nylon tear down, or other accidents happen, you will get a new strap immediately.

The hardware

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The hardware is almost unbreakable. So far no one has managed to damage the solid buckle. The keeper has been destroyed only once.

With pure muscle power, it is almost certainly not possible to destroy the hardware.

The nylon

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Our nylon can not be compared with the typical nylon. The special weave structure of our straps is clearly recognizable and ensures the high quality. Already at the first touch, you will notice the difference.