The Vintage Racing Strap from Strapline

Our vintage racing collection combines the classic racing style with new accents.
The Vintage Racing Straps are handmade in Italy and have an excellent quality.

The Models

Strapline Vintage Racing Greyhound

The Strapline Vintage Racing Greyhound draws its beauty through the contrast. Overall, this bracelet has 5 colors. White, red and three shades of blue.
The color selection fits perfectly into the overall picture and gives the strap a very special look.
This bracelet can be worn on almost any watch, simple watches become colorful and watches with several and matching colors are upgraded.

Price: 45,00€

Strapline Vintage Racing Olive

The Strapline Vintage Racing Olive is the olive model and fits perfectly with golden and light watches.

The olive green can be a good color accent.
Our Vintage Racing Olive is one of the classics of Strapline and scores with its timeless design and timeless color.

Price: 45,00€

Strapline Vintage Racing Vino

Probably the most classic band in Strapline's offer; the Vintage Racing Vino .

Light brown with a light seam fits almost every watch.

The Vintage Racing Vino goes perfectly with gold or silver watches with a bright dial.

Price: 45,00€

Strapline Vintage Racing Choco

The Strapline Vintage Racing Choco is, as the name implies, dark brown.

The band has a bright seam and fits dark and light dials.

Best fits this strap to pink gold cases.

Price: 45,00€

Strapline Vintage Racing black-white-red

The Vintage Racing black-white-red combines 3 very good matching colors in a strap, while black has the largest share, white and red are used as accents.

This results in a good harmony of colors and makes for a very nice strap.
This straps can be worn on any black watch and on watches with a dark dial.

The leather has a slight shine and thus looks even more chic.

Price: 45,00€

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